10 Common Causes of Roof Leaks in Massachusetts

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Small roof leaks are signs of BIG problems

If you need a drip bucket when it rains it is time to do something about your roof. Even small leaks can cause significant damage to your home and should not be ignored. Tracing the source of the leak may not be as easy as you think because often the source on the outside does not line up with the leak on the inside. This can be frustrating when trying to solve the problem of a leaky roof on your own and it might be a good time to bring in a professional to tackle the problem quickly and efficiently.

Common causes of leaking roofs:

  1. Age and deterioration of materials.
  2. Broken shingles from weather damage.
  3. Cracked chimney.
  4. Cracked vent booting (covers the base of pipes that stick out of your roof).
  5. Clogged gutters.
  6. Skylights can leak due to improper installation or flash sealing wearing out over time.
  7. Ice dams.
  8. Excess moss or lichen build-up on your roof shingles.
  9. Tree damage.
  10. Shingle racking (installed vertically up the roof instead of  stair-step method).

Wear and tear of your roof over time is unavoidable. If you see signs of a leak, be sure to address it as quickly as possible before it leads to something much worse.

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