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Roof Types
Roof size should be entered in feet as the length and width of the house plus any overhang.    
Roof Pitch refers to the slope of the roof expressed as the rise over the run.  For example, a 5/12 pitch roof goes up 5" for every 12" it goes across and would be entered as 5 in the space provided.  The automatically created graphic should appear similar to the angles of your roof.  Roof pitch is part of the roof area calculation and also determines the difficulty of the project.  A pitch higher than 6/12 is steeper (more difficult) to work on than a roof with a 3/12 pitch.  Asphalt shingles are not aloud at a roof pitch of 2/12 or less.  Therefore, the calculator will not show that price.  Refer to the Rubber Roof (flat) price.  
Roof Planes is the quantity of sections or faces that the roof has.  A typical gable roof has 2 planes or faces.  A typical hip roof has 4 planes or faces.  Every plane adds waste to the project because of material that has to be cut off.    
Tear off Exiting refers to the number of layers the current roof has.  This has an impact on total labor and disposal costs.  The calculator does not take into consideration any disposal cost, but does calculate additional labor.  
Number of Levels refers to the number of stories the home is from finished grade (the ground).  If your home has multiple levels use the highest level.  
Chimneys/Skylights: Enter how many chimneys will need to have lead flashing applied and how many skylights you have.  Each skylight requires additional ice & water shield and flashing to prevent water leakage.  
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This calculator is designed to provide an approximate price for replacing a residential roof.  It does not take into consideration proper ventilation, the type of materials used, specific product warranties, disposal and permit fees.  For an exact price contact Ready Pros, Inc. at (855)-544-7767
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