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We are an A+ rated  Massachusetts-based roofing contractor offering quality asphalt shingle roofing, metal roofing and composite roofing. We are certified roofers offering many of North America’s best roofing products and services.

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People often believe that choosing any roofing contractor or installer will do. Not so. At Ready Pros we answer your key contractor selection questions up front:

Answers to common roofing contractor questions:

1. Insurance is a must. Is Ready Pros an insured roofing contractor? Definitely.
2. Are you licensed roofing installer? Our unrestricted Construction Supervisor’s license means that your roof is installed in accordance with Massachusetts State and local building regulations with regards to materials and methods.
3. Are your installers certified? All installers are trained and certified and follow OSHA regulations. This ensures your roof is properly and safely installed so manufactures warranties, should they ever be needed, are honored without question.
4. Are you a local roofing company? We are a Massachusetts-based company serving central and eastern Massachusetts with a verifiable history of happy customers.
5. How do you price roofing jobs? We give you many options that allow you to dial into your budget by choosing from a ‘good, better or best’ pricing matrix. This give you a lot of control over your project. Our labor and installations are backed by among the best known product warranties in the industry.
6. Are you a reputable roofing company? Yes, we have great real-client reviews and are glad to share them, plus we carry a number of certifications. We’re an open book!

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The condition of your roof is one of the most important things maintaining the comfort, safety, integrity and value of your home. A new roof is a critical investment. Therefore, selecting a well-constructed, properly ventilated, quality residential roofing system with an enforceable warranty is critical for surviving New England’s crazy weather. In addition to improving your home’s overall energy efficiency, a secure roof will keep moisture from destroying your home and protect the interior from weather conditions.

Ice dam prevention experts will design a roofing system unique to your home’s configuration. No cookie cutter approach here.

Ready Pros uses quality products from top manufacturers with the best warranty protections such as GAF, CertainTeed, Tamko, Tapko, IKO, as well as metal roofs, such as Drexel Metals.

As certified installers for GAF, we are able to provide you one of the best product warranties in the industry from a wide variety of styles and colors. We offer asphalt, metal and composite roofing products.

Asphalt Shingles:
Asphalt shingle roofs have protected our most valuable assets for over 100 years. They are economical, attractive and durable. Ready-Pros works with several different shingle manufacturers and offers many colors and styles to give your home just the look you want.

Metal Roofing:
A metal roof is a great solution for many New England homes or anyone experiencing extra tough ice dam issues. Traditional standing seam metal roofs provide a very distinctive look. Despite their light weight, metal roofs offer superior weather protection to their asphalt cousins. While metal roofs are costlier, fewer repairs typically balance out the expense.

Roof Ventilation:
An effective ventilation system regulates the temperature of your attic space, increases the life expectancy of your shingles, and helps prevent ice dams in winter. Most shingle manufacturers require a properly ventilated roof to honor any claim against any material defect warranty.

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